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Via Instagram tags and pictures we sent two friends on an ultimate mission to a virtual chocolate factory. Starting together on a single photo of a virtual city, each friend was driven to take seperate paths, one through nature and one through a city. By clicking on the nature vs. city on the Instagram post, each friend unlocked clues to collect 44 different letters to complete the magic sentence.

Each visual accross both paths drove you to a new Instagram account. Each of our 15 accounts had visuals that when put together in the title view of their homepage unlocked a new clue.


In the end, when both friends collected the clues through their virtual hunt, they put a sentence together. In this race against time, the power of two unlocked a trip for two to Egypt’s favorite vacation destination.


1.  Choose different paths you and your friend

2.  Collect hidden hints to complete the secret sentence

3.  Reach the chocolate factory to know how to submit the sentence

Gold Award Winner Festival of Media 2017

Best use of gamification